How to Submit your Video


Below are instructions on how to submit your videos to us. 

  • Videos can be emailed to us via our email:

  • You can send us a URL link (instructions on how to upload a private video to Youtube can be located below) if your video file is too large. 

  • Please include your name (or group) and the title of your video in the subject( i.e John Doe- Tu Solo Tu  or Jane Doe-Grito Comp or Mariachi Group- La Negra)

Google Drive

  • Videos can be uploaded directly to the following Google Drive

  • Simply open the link provided and upload your submission

  • Please include your name (or group) and the title of your video in the file name( i.e John Doe- Tu Solo Tu  or Jane Doe-Grito Comp or Mariachi Group- La Negra)

Social Media

  • Videos can be uploaded to our Facebook group page. Posts will not be made public until the event.

  • You can also tag us in videos on Instagram or Facebook with your permission we will download the video and upload it to our website/social media platforms for review.

  • Please include you name and the title of your video in your post or send us a DM so we can make sure to get your contact information. ( i.e John Doe- Tu Solo Tu (  or Jane Doe-Grito Comp ( or Mariachi Group- La Negra (


Click the submit video button to share your video to Mariachi Mercado directly.

How to Upload a Private/Unlisted Video to YouTube

Step 1: Go to YouTube Account

First of all, go to your signed-in YouTube account. And, click the “Upload video” button on the right top.

Click the “UPLOAD WITH CLASSIC” button on the top right, and you’ll be switch to the classic editor upload page.

However, YouTube offers a different way to upload a file on YouTube. (Public, Private, Unlisted, and Scheduled). In the dropdown, select the private option to share a private video file on YouTube.

Step 2: Share your video

After choosing the private option, kindly upload the video, and fill the necessary information of your video content. They are video title (see above for directions), description, and tag if it requires.

During uploading the private video, you will find the share option at the bottom of privacy. Accordingly, click the “Share” button.

Now, a pop-up will be shown. There you can enter the respective email Ids( of private viewers to watch your video. It allows you to share to multiple email Ids.


Note: Copying the video URL and sending it to them is not possible when the video is private, because the private uploaded video cannot able to viewed by others. Alternatively, you can list the video as 'Unlisted' to be able to share the video URL without having to enter our email. 

Step 3: Get Shareable Link

In case, if you’ve already uploaded a private video and want to share it, go to YouTube Studio > videos > click the menu button and choose the “Get shareable link” option.

For more information about sharing a private video: Click Here  

If you have an questions or issues you can contact us in the chat box to the bottom right of your screen or fill out the contact us form at the bottom on the Home Page

Other contact information:


Instagram: mariachimercado